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Whether designing or adjusting a policy to meet legislative requirements (e.g. HIV&AIDS, TB and STI); or you require a new policy to address an internal issue, Calibre will guide you through a simple five-stage process:


AGENDA SETTING: This stage refers to the process through which a policy and the problem it is intended to address are acknowledged.


POLICY FORMULATION: At this stage, we will examine the various policy options considered to be possible solutions.


ADOPTION (OR DECISION MAKING): Adoption is the stage during which decisions are made that favours one or more approaches to addressing a given problem.


IMPLEMENTATION: At this stage, the policy’s implementation parameters are established, which can directly affect the eventual outcome of the policy. Several factors combine to determine the actual effects of a policy and how well it achieves its objectives.


EVALUATION: This is the stage during which a policy is evaluated, to verify whether its implementation and its effects are aligned with the objectives that were explicitly or implicitly set out.


Your policy working group are the architects of the


for the successful application of your policy.