About Calibre Clinical Consultants

Calibre Clinical Consultants (Pty) Ltd and Northpark Pharmacy (Pty) Ltd (collectively – Calibre) work hand in hand as one of the African continent’s leading Employee Wellness Service(s) (EWS) providers. With over 20 years of experience in EWS and HIV management; Calibre’s programmes and local service provider networks spans 13 countries in addition to serving the corporate and industrial sectors of South Africa.


Holistic Wellbeing Services


Our holistic approach to health and wellbeing ensures that both the physical and psycho-social needs of employees are met, critical in a world of high pressure decision making and productivity targets. By delivering workplace based services on site, we ensure high employee participation and least disruption to business and productivity.

The programmes are completely internal to Calibre and external to the employer, ensuring total confidentiality. Your programme(s) is designed for you. You tell us what you believe you need and we will advise on the most appropriate, supportive and cost effective programme to meet those needs. All our programmes are supported by client specific communications strategies, project management, consulting and monitoring, evaluation and reporting processes.

The Calibre Model

A Unique, Effective Approach

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Market Pitfalls

Traditional medical aid services have been unable to provide cost-effective, tailored health assurance solutions. Medical schemes have had to pay for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s), over-servicing by providers, profiteering by manufacturers and ineffective Designated Service Providers (DSP’s). Members’ contributions are rapidly increasing as schemes appoint even more third party providers in an effort to “manage the costs”. The conclusion to this is that the administrators are not very successful in managing overall cost increases.

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The Calibre Service Proposition

Employer Self-funded or Self-insured healthcare programs are often preferred by many employers over fully insured programs because:

  • Self-funding offers portability
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Greater customisation of stop-loss strategy, healthcare plan design and plan administration
  • Reduced premium tax and commissions

These programmes provide the greatest level of transparency in knowing the true costs of healthcare plan administration.  In addition, cost savings resulting from favourable claims experience remain in plan reserves, unlike fully-insured programs where premiums are an unrecoverable cost.

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Achieving Better Health Care

The Calibre model is well-placed to meet the uncertainties we can expect to face in the future of employee healthcare. We will continue to focus on providing preventive, primary care, including disease management via company clinics and telemedicine in mature to untapped markets. We believe the Calibre model is the way of the future in providing Employee Wellness Servces that benefit both the employees and the organisation as a whole.