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The management of lifestyle chronic disease, (Non-Communicable Disease) should not be limited to, nor is it simply, prescribing medication to control or counter the symptoms.

At Calibre we address the challenges of implementing a lifestyle medicine programme for the individual.  The practice of lifestyle medicine requires skills and competency in addressing multiple health risk behaviours and improving self-management. Targets include:

  • diet,
  • physical activity,
  • behaviour change,
  • body weight control,
  • treatment plan adherence,
  • stress and coping,
  • spirituality, mind body techniques,
  • tobacco and substance abuse.


Addressing the causal issues of non-communicable diseases can prevent a developing condition, improve an existing condition and enhance the holistic wellbeing of the individual.  See our Personal Health Risk Assessment section.


HIV, tuberculosis and malaria remain a constant risk.  Our disease prevention and management programmes have been actively mitigating this risk for over 20 years.  Individually managing each patient, confidentially and effectively.