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International Operations


Advancing the norm

In a dynamically changing global environment, with incidence of endemic disease outbreak and natural disasters and the need for services  to resource poor areas , Calibre continues to adapt its modus operandi to provide appropriate support to its international clients at these times.


Planned Interventions & Support:

West Africa

  • Country-wide Hepatitis B vaccination programmes.
  • Individual and Home first aid kits to rural, resource poor areas.

East and Southern Africa:

  • Employee Workplace First Aider training and provision of regulation first aid kits.
  • COVID 19 ‘Stress Management’ webinars.

Australasia and Africa wide

  • Health Education and Personal Health Risk Assessment Interventions



Operational Interventions (endemic disease out-breaks and disasters)

  • Provision of Home first aid packs during Ebola outbreak. (W Africa)
  • Water purification packs- following flooding and a subsequent cholera out-break
  • Specifically designed first aid packs for disaster management team (Middle-East).
  • Co-ordination of trauma counselling for a NGO group, attacked by rebels. (South Sudan).


Routine or out of the ordinary, we can deliver!