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Whatever your requirement?   Short term interventions or long-term educational programmes, Calibre has been delivering these services into the workplace for over a decade.  With a multi-disciplined, multi-cultural and multi- lingual training team, we can deliver from boardroom to shop-floor, with equal impact.   Our educational interventions can be delivered in any workplace, on-line or as pre-recorded presentations.


Our presentations are not ‘off the shelf’ standard packages.  By listening to you the client, as to your requirement and expected outcome and by conducting a pre-target audience analysis, each intervention is designed and developed for your workforce.  Educating your employees reduces- the overall health risk impact on the workforce, sick-leave, absenteeism and healthcare expenditure.


Importantly we take into consideration the local community and how the information we provide will be translated and utilised in the community.   After all your workforce, at the ‘end of the day’, are the community.


Educate the Community, Educate the Children – Secure the Future