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Core Services

  1. Training and development – The training and development of, and assistance for work organisation stakeholders (management, supervisors and unions) seeking to effectively manage the employee who is experiencing behavioural, emotional or wellbeing issues and improving employees’ job performance.
  2. Marketing – The promotion of EAP services (availability and guarantees, i.e. confidentiality) to managers, supervisors unions, employees and their family members.
  3. Case management – Confidential and timely risk identification, assessment, motivation, short- term intervention, referral, monitoring, follow-up, and aftercare services for employees with personal and work-related concerns that may affect job performance.
  4. Consultation with work organisations – Consultation with work organisations to proactively address inherent trends resulting from personal or organisational issues.
  5. Stakeholder management – Stakeholder management to establish and maintain effective relations with internal and external role players and service providers.
  6. Monitoring and evaluation – Monitoring and evaluation of the impact of EAP service relating to the work organisation.


Additional Services        

  1. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) – CISD is a crisis-focused discussion for small homogeneous groups who have experienced a powerful traumatic event. The aim of CISD is to reduce the distress of the employee group and to restore the group’s cohesion and unit performance.
  2. Lifestyle workshops – Lifestyle workshops are designed to make employees aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and various wellbeing risks. Employees gain insight in the skills they need to revert to a healthy lifestyle and hence avoid risks to their wellbeing. Lifestyle workshops are aimed at all work organisations that act preventatively to ensure healthy, active and resilient employees who are productive and less absent. 


The work organisation can tailor their own workplace EAP (Employee Assistance Program) according to their needs.