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The Calibre Call Centre is managed and operated by our own dedicated staff, so clients can be assured, when they contact us, that the person they will speak to actually works with and fully understands our services and programmes.  This also ensures total confidentiality for the individual calling -in.  The call centre operates 24/7/365, all our services and programmes can be accessed with a call to just one number.


We understand that some incidents or concerns just cannot “wait until Monday”. Our post Exposure Prophylaxis Services and Psychosocial Services particularly, are delivered in a time conscious manner.


Supportive of our call centre operators and counsellors is a Calibre team of on-call doctors, psychologists and specialist counsellors.  In the broader geographical context of National and International support, Calibre has an established network of the same specialists.  Enabling localised services, facilitated in the local language with cultural sensitivity.  The strictest confidentiality measures are applied to all our services, wherever they may be provided.


If a call to our call centre is not possible!  An SMS or WhatsApp message with a request for our staff to call back, will put the client in contact with us. The Call Centre service is also directly available to dependants of your employees.  


When someone goes so far as to make the call or send a message,
then they need assistance and our staff are here 24/7/365 to provide that assistance